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  • "Ain't No Sunshine" Soope, Joell Ortiz and Fred The Godson
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    Azad Music presents Soope f/ Joell Ortiz & Fred da Godson 'Ain't No Sunshine' Azad Watches of NYC, the once Lead Sponsor of the the Brooklyn Barclays Center is now emerging as the next vibrant Hip Hop Label : Azad Music. Located in the heart of New York City's Diamond District, Azad built a luxurious studio for it’s new creative team including Soope, Joell Ortiz, Fred the Godson, and legendary artist AZ. Together with the return of AZ, Azad Music is set to gain respect in the Hip Hop World. Soope a midwest Native, known for his lyrical ingenuity vowed that 2019 will be filled with prolific new music every month, accompanied by videos that projects the team's creativity. Soope stated, “I don’t think the game will see us coming...we have the swag of 2019 with lyrics of boom bap." Azad’s agenda is to provide Real Hip Hop to the many fans who are tired of silly lines with unacceptable representations of the culture. Azad Music’s first collaborated release is a track from Soooe called 'Ain’t No Sunshine' featuring Joell Ortiz and Fred the Godson. The song is a preview of the greatness to come and the video associated with it resembles a polished web series. To view entire video, Subscribe to RoadRunna Mee Meep on YouTube.
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  • Knockz & Holworthy Hitz - Im The One
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    Im The One by Knockz & Holworthy Hitz Directed by Shavarsh Morrissey For Features and Booking email orphanlife44@gmail.com Instagram: @Orphanlife44 Snapchat: @Orphanlife44
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    PURCHASE DOWNLOAD http://sirkush.bandcamp.com LIKE & SUBSCRIBE https://soundcloud.com/user-473600697/keep-rollin-prod-by-cashmoneyap
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    by D.Mon
  • Lights Out (Prod. By Scxtt) (Official Music Video) #Shot by Kai Cook Films
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    The official video for Lights out shot by Kai Cook Films Stream/Download the mixtape Live From The 3 Now on soundcloud https://m.soundcloud.com/infa-man/sets/live-from-the-3 Instagram: @im_smokez Twitter: @im_smokez Facebook: Infa-man
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  • Where I'm From - P.M.G-Dyckman-Mix ( PA1N.MU$1C.Group )
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    ~P.M.G ~PA1N.MU$1C.Films @Dyckman$_Only @Maine_Huntit #JayFingaz.Productions #Dyckman ~WhereWeFrom
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  • STILL BY YoungGifted3000
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    Video: STILL BY YoungGifted3000
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  • Promo Trailer For The New Release By Young Gifted "Cash Flow"
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    Check out... Young Gifted's promotional trailer for their up coming single titled "Cash Flow" dropping on January 1st 2016.
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  • Promo Trailer_ Minions Dancing To Young Gifted "CashFlow"
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    promo Trailer: Minions Dancing To Young Gifted Brand New Single Cash Flow https://youtu.be/k7jwa0QBKeI
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